05/05/18 — “Sewn Into The Sky” is now featured in the Five Things We Like edition of For The Rabbits music site.

05/02/18 — “Dance Of The Hexenringe” is No. 7 on the 420≠ALLDAY Spotify playlist .:. LINK HERE

***Hi friends – I was informed this morning that there has been a quality control issue at the vinyl pressing plant where “Sewn Into The Sky” is being pressed, and that the vinyl release is being pushed back to June. These QC problems were affecting audiophile vinyl, and so that means us. I am so sorry, and very sad about this. (and also a little angry that the big record company records were pushed to the front of the pressing line even if us small independent guys were in line way before them) .. I totally understand how frustrating this is to everyone who purchased the record on pre-order… I also understand if anyone wants to have their money back; however, I will being throwing in some free extras for those who pre-ordered. I wish there was something I could do to speed the process along, but it seems this is the nature of the vinyl business for now. Digital releases will be out this Friday – regular time – so, those will not be delayed at all. Let me know if you have any questions or anything… I will keep everyone posted on vinyl information as soon as I hear anything. For now, we’re looking at the first of June for those releases. Thanks so much! – Niel

Pre-Orders for “Sewn Into The Sky” are now available via Bandcamp. Save $5 by purchasing the vinyl now – it will be shipped to you on release day, April 20. (Vinyl purchases include a free download card)

Sewn Into The Sky

Release date: April 20, 2018
(Limited Edition vinyl comes with free download card)

Listen Now

  1. 01 - Sewn Into The Sky Niel Brooks 3:42
  2. 02 - Antreville To Whitemire Night Train Blues Niel Brooks 2:57
  3. 03 - Louis Collins (The Angels Laid Him Away) Niel Brooks 2:56
  4. 04 - Tsayoga:WildwoodFlower Niel Brooks 3:34
  5. 05 - What Happened On Saco River Road Niel Brooks 2:07
  6. 06 - Narmie And Rosie Niel Brooks 3:51
  7. 07 - Dance Of The Hexenringe Niel Brooks 3:10
  8. 08 - Long Haired Doney Niel Brooks 4:05
  9. 09 - As Falls Cateechee So Falls Cateechee Falls Niel Brooks 5:59
  10. 10 - Ruby's Waltz Niel Brooks 3:50


Growler Haus in Village Of W. Greenville w/Mourning Dove

Greenville, SC, USA

Growler Haus 12 Lois Ave
Greenville, SC 29611
(864) 373-9347

Art Crawl in TR w/Mourning Dove

Travelers Rest, SC, USA

Monkey Wrench Smokehouse 21 S Main St
Travelers Rest, SC 29690
(864) 610-2236

Golden Grove Brewery w/Mourning Dove

Piedmont, SC, USA

Golden Grove Brewery 115 Krim Rd.
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(864) 356-1097

Quest Brewing w/Mourning Dove

Greenville, SC, USA

Quest Brewing 55 Airview Dr.
Greenville, SC 29607
(864) 272-6232

San Souci Garden Concert w/Mourning Dove

Greenville, SC, USA

San Souci Garden Show 12 Ethelridge Dr
Greenville, SC 29609