Check out tracks from “Senatohoba” on NPR’s Echoes!

“Senatohoba” has been named Album Of The Year by The Greenville Journal – and ‘Fave Local Release of 2021’ by Horizon Records!

“Senatohoba” is now available on all streaming platforms, including Apple Music and Spotify. Bandcamp has digital and physical copies. Physical CD’s are now available at Horizon Records, in downtown Greenville.

My intention for this record was initially to make it a vinyl and digital (online) only release, but with record pressing plants currently running about 9 months to a year out, I’ve decided that it’s just time to go with digital and Compact Disc for now. I’d rather not wait until next September to put it out. I am super proud and happy with this record – I do honestly believe it’s my best work, and so I’m really happy to share it with everyone! I wrote and recorded it entirely during the pandemic, with one other musician (very special thanks and appreciation to David Calderelli for his violin prowess) – and I hope it brings you peace and comfort.

It’s called Senatohoba – and that’s a fun word. It is a Native American word meaning “white sycamore” and is a symbol of refuge and and clarity. Hope you dig it! Much love!!